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To mark the centenary of the Great War, I am researching the WW1 histories of my ancestors. This blog documents my progress.
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Monday, 30 January 2017

Is This the Face of Billy Clark?

For ages I've been looking for photos of my Australian great uncle, William Thomas Clark. I was idly searching for photos of his original regiment, the 1st Australian Light Horse on the Australian War Memorial website when I came across two photos of the regiment's second in command, Major Hugh Venables Vernon.
I was amazed to see standing next to him, none other than one Trooper Clark, batman. Now as far as I can ascertain, there was only one batman named Clark in the HQ section of the 1st Australian Light Horse at that time, and that was my great uncle!
So I'm pretty sure that the photos are of him! See below for the photos.

Rosebery, NSW. 1914. Major Hugh Venables Vernon, second in command, 1st Light Horse Regiment (New South Wales Lancers) and Trooper Clark, batman, of the same regiment.

Rosebery, NSW. 1914. Three members of the 1st Light Horse Regiment (New South Wales Lancers) with their horses. Left to right: Trooper Clark (batman), Trooper Murphy (groom), Major Hugh Venables Vernon (second in command).